The 13th International Workshop on Variable Structure Systems is scheduled to be held from June 29 to July 2nd, 2014 2014, on the campus of ECN (Ecole Centrale de Nantes), in the IRCCyN (Institut de Recherche en Communications et Cybernétique de Nantes) building, in Nantes, France. The objective of the VSS workshop is to bring together the international community of researchers and practitioners in the area of Variable Structure Systems and Sliding Mode Control. The VSS 2014 will feature 3 plenary sessions (whose at least one given by an industrial partner), and regular and interactive sessions on the most recent results obtained in the field of sliding mode control and variable structure systems.


  • Theory / Methodology
    • High order sliding mode control (SMC)
    • Chattering analysis
    • Discrete time SMC
    • Output sampling SMC
    • Adaptive SMC
    • Output feedback SMC
    • SMC for hybrid systems
    • Sliding mode observers (SMO)
    • SMO based fault detection
  • Application fields of SMC / SM observers
    • Electric drives and actuators
    • Hydraulic/pneumatic actuators
    • Robotics
    • Automotive industry
    • Aerial / aerospace vehicles
    • Smart structures
    • Biologic systems

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